Offices Shmoffices – Who Needs An Office?

The world of work is a very different place today. More and more people are working in ways that would have been unthinkable even twenty-five years or just a generation ago.

Entire companies exist without a place they call the office. They work on a loosely held framework that consists of different ways of connecting. The lack of an office keeps overheads low and often means the employees are rather better paid than they might otherwise be. A win-win you would think.

There comes a time though, especially when you want to do business with a more traditionally constituted enterprise, that you have to show some stability.

It is easier than you would think. If I ask you for a moment to think about cloud-based computing you would be comfortable with both the concept and the practice. Companies who want to establish credibility are doing the same thing – to stretch the analogy a little – with office space.

ma meeting rooms

It is exactly the same idea, ma meeting rooms when you need them. Housed in a professional looking space where the amenities are plentiful. It is exactly the same concept as using some server hosted in a huge server farm to host your data. Someone else provides the environment, the AC, pays the bills and you simply use it as you need to in exchange for a small fee.

In reality, it is brilliant. You can have an office anywhere you need to meet a client – but you just don’t have to pay the lease.

Some people will find this whole idea just a little too abstract. Not to worry, there will be plenty of jobs where remote working is never going to be really acceptable. There’s going to be traditional work for those who want it for years to come.